Guest Blogger: Jennifer Denys ~ Erotic Romance Author

Jennifer Denys
Please welcome my guest blogger for today, erotic romance author, Jennifer Denys. 

Psst, I'll let you in on a little secret, Jennifer has just released her latest book called Retraining the Dom. Wow, the title let's you know that it contains some HOT BDSM action! It's the second in the Battle of Wills series, which features Jennifer's bestselling, erotic romance, Retraining the Sub.

Q. Where did you get the idea for ‘Retraining the Dom’? 

This is the sequel to ‘Retraining the Sub’. I came up with the ideas for the titles first. Sometimes titles just occur to me and I have to find a story to fit, as in the case of this two part series; and sometimes I have a story idea that I have to find a title for. As for RTD – I knew I wanted it to be about Trey as I featured him in RTS.
Retraining the Sub

Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in ‘Retraining the Dom’. 

Trey is a Dom in his mid 40s at Club Allure, who has been told he must go on the Club’s retraining programme. The problem is he is much too strong a Dom to allow anyone else to control him. The club’s owner comes up with the idea of using Olivia, a 50 year old experienced Domme, who is physically imposing. What Trey begins to realise is that Olivia is a sub at heart and she has to work hard not to let Trey top her and subsequently Dom challenges the Domme. It is a battle of wills.

New Website, New Contract and a Brand New Series

Hi, everyone, I have much news for October. 

First, I have just updated my website with cleaner lines, faster download speeds, and elasticity for those small screens. I hope you like it. There's links to all my books, and series. Why not browse, and see if there is something you like. 

You can access my website HERE

Secondly, I have a new series coming soon to Siren. It's called Carnal Sins, and features, strong, devilishly wicked heroes, who need the love of a good woman to tame them. 

I love flawed heroes, who, for reasons of their own act self-serving and egotistical. Yes, their sins may be many, but nothing, absolutely nothing can stop the course of true love, and a heroine hell-bent on winning her man. :-)

Thanks for reading.