Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 7

In this scene, Jessica has followed the incessant beat of the drums into the dense jungle. Finding that it is teeming with insect life, she decides enough is enough.

No more. That is it. 

She held her hands in front of her face, watching them shake uncontrollably—the consequence of huge amounts of adrenaline, surging into her bloodstream. She shook her
head again. That was definitely it. She was going back to the safety of her villa. Well away from here. No ifs, no buts. However drop-dead gorgeous Ronan Balantyne was, he would keep for another time.
Jessica turned quickly on her heels, hearing more insects crunch underfoot. After taking a couple of hurried steps in a homeward direction, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. What was that she could hear? The mesmerizing beat of the drums was ever present, but now she heard voices, too. A mixture of male and female conversation filtered through to her ears, although what was said was incomprehensible at this distance. Jessica reasoned another three hundred yards would take her right to them. 

You’re almost there, Jessica. Don’t give up now. 

Drawing on her reserves of courage, she strode on in the direction of the voices and drums. She made a point of totally ignoring her peripheral vision, not wishing to know what godforsaken beasties were crawling up her legs and into her panties.

Another hundred yards and she stopped suddenly again, when she noticed movement in the clearing up ahead. People and lots of them moved around, but she was still too far away to see properly. She needed to get closer. 

In stealth mode now, she half walked, half crawled toward the clearing. Her heart was beating incredibly quickly. Would Ronan Balantyne be there in the flesh? Would Kaine be there, too? And recalling the episode at Horseshoe Cove, she wondered what would happen if he caught her spying on him for a second time?

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