Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 6

In this scene, and with their emotional bond developing, Jessica has managed to get under Kaine's skin.

His breathing was fast, and he inhaled a long slow deep breath to calm himself. “No more questions, Jessica. Understand?”

When he looked across at her, he saw genuine compassion, and he felt like an unfeeling shit as he watched a teardrop squeeze from the corner of her eye, before running down her cheek. “Yes, I understand, Kaine,” she said quietly, clearly emotional. He figured she was crying more for him than for herself.

Jessica wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him close. Almost cocooning him, and he appreciated it, too. Sometimes it was hard to relive unwanted episodes from the past. “I won’t say any more, Kaine. I’ll just hold you if that’s okay.”

Kaine wasn’t used to baring his soul to a woman. In fact, it was something he’d never done, and swore he never would. Somehow though, the nearness of Jessica combined with her feminine scent, and gentle even breath fanning across his cheek, calmed him. This beautiful lady had found a chink in his armor, where human emotions were allowed to slip through. 

However, that was enough soul searching for now, and he pulled down his mask of invulnerability again. He was Kaine Deville. Nothing touched him. 

He smiled and pointed at his penis, which had become erect again. “See that.”

She giggled. “It’s impossible to miss when it’s like that.”

“Want to do something with it?”

He watched her swipe her tongue over her beautiful lips, enjoying the moistness she left behind. “Mmm, it would be rude not to.”

“My thoughts entirely, schoolteacher.” With those words, he pulled her on top of him, causing Jessica to straddle his thighs, and she shrieked with the unexpectedness of it all.

She naughtily placed an index finger to her lips, and cocked her head to one side in cutesy fashion, and in her best little-miss-innocent voice replied, “Oh, Mr. Deville, sir, really I shouldn’t.”

He sucked in a breath, savoring the exquisite moment as he slid inside her tight wetness for the second time in little more than an hour. Jessica Morris was a lady of hidden depths.

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