Release Day ~ Kaine's Redemption

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Kaine's Redemption ~ The Billionaires and Their Playgrounds # 1

Without Jessica in his life, the man who has everything, simply has nothing at all...this is the heartbreaking story of Kaine's Redemption

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Kaine's Redemption

The Billionaires and Their Playgrounds # 1
A BDSM Red Hot ReadDynamic and charismatic, forty-year-old businessman Kaine Deville, always gets his way. Self-reliant and self-absorbed, he's certainly ruthless, especially when it comes to satisfying his voracious sexual appetite. Far away from prying eyes, his private island in the Caribbean is just the place to indulge his hedonistic fantasies.

When he meets Jessica Morris, a twenty nine-year-old Cornish schoolteacher, and aspiring artist, his interest is aroused. Her undeniable artistic talent may seduce and beguile him, but it's the froth of bright red curls, framing her beautiful elfin face that makes him want to claim this lady all for himself.

Invited to immortalize his island paradise with oils and watercolors, Jessica is instantly attracted to the devilishly handsome billionaire. His captivating charm, mixed with a sexy hint of menace, leaves her unable to resist the potent chemistry developing between them.

Will Jessica be able to stand her ground against Kaine's all-conquering personality?

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Kaine's Redemption ~ 7 #SexySnippets

Today I've joined in with the Nuthouse Scribblers and have 7 #SexySnippets from my upcoming release, Kaine's Redemption.

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With their foreheads still touching, his sweet warm breath mixed erotically with hers, further cementing their growing bond.
He was so near, she saw long dark lashes sweeping down to his cheeks before sweeping back again, revealing his beautiful blue eyes once more. 
“I can’t get enough of you, Jessica.” 
His sexy voice rumbled through the millimeters of empty air that separated her lips from his. 
Just the way he spoke those simple words aroused her further.  
“And I…can’t get enough of…you…Kaine.” 
She meant it, too. 

These 7 #SexySnippets were taken from Kaine's Redemption, my new book which is released tomorrow, Monday 29th April

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Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 7

In this scene, Jessica has followed the incessant beat of the drums into the dense jungle. Finding that it is teeming with insect life, she decides enough is enough.

No more. That is it. 

She held her hands in front of her face, watching them shake uncontrollably—the consequence of huge amounts of adrenaline, surging into her bloodstream. She shook her
head again. That was definitely it. She was going back to the safety of her villa. Well away from here. No ifs, no buts. However drop-dead gorgeous Ronan Balantyne was, he would keep for another time.
Jessica turned quickly on her heels, hearing more insects crunch underfoot. After taking a couple of hurried steps in a homeward direction, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. What was that she could hear? The mesmerizing beat of the drums was ever present, but now she heard voices, too. A mixture of male and female conversation filtered through to her ears, although what was said was incomprehensible at this distance. Jessica reasoned another three hundred yards would take her right to them. 

You’re almost there, Jessica. Don’t give up now. 

Drawing on her reserves of courage, she strode on in the direction of the voices and drums. She made a point of totally ignoring her peripheral vision, not wishing to know what godforsaken beasties were crawling up her legs and into her panties.

Another hundred yards and she stopped suddenly again, when she noticed movement in the clearing up ahead. People and lots of them moved around, but she was still too far away to see properly. She needed to get closer. 

In stealth mode now, she half walked, half crawled toward the clearing. Her heart was beating incredibly quickly. Would Ronan Balantyne be there in the flesh? Would Kaine be there, too? And recalling the episode at Horseshoe Cove, she wondered what would happen if he caught her spying on him for a second time?

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Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 6

In this scene, and with their emotional bond developing, Jessica has managed to get under Kaine's skin.

His breathing was fast, and he inhaled a long slow deep breath to calm himself. “No more questions, Jessica. Understand?”

When he looked across at her, he saw genuine compassion, and he felt like an unfeeling shit as he watched a teardrop squeeze from the corner of her eye, before running down her cheek. “Yes, I understand, Kaine,” she said quietly, clearly emotional. He figured she was crying more for him than for herself.

Jessica wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him close. Almost cocooning him, and he appreciated it, too. Sometimes it was hard to relive unwanted episodes from the past. “I won’t say any more, Kaine. I’ll just hold you if that’s okay.”

Kaine wasn’t used to baring his soul to a woman. In fact, it was something he’d never done, and swore he never would. Somehow though, the nearness of Jessica combined with her feminine scent, and gentle even breath fanning across his cheek, calmed him. This beautiful lady had found a chink in his armor, where human emotions were allowed to slip through. 

However, that was enough soul searching for now, and he pulled down his mask of invulnerability again. He was Kaine Deville. Nothing touched him. 

He smiled and pointed at his penis, which had become erect again. “See that.”

She giggled. “It’s impossible to miss when it’s like that.”

“Want to do something with it?”

He watched her swipe her tongue over her beautiful lips, enjoying the moistness she left behind. “Mmm, it would be rude not to.”

“My thoughts entirely, schoolteacher.” With those words, he pulled her on top of him, causing Jessica to straddle his thighs, and she shrieked with the unexpectedness of it all.

She naughtily placed an index finger to her lips, and cocked her head to one side in cutesy fashion, and in her best little-miss-innocent voice replied, “Oh, Mr. Deville, sir, really I shouldn’t.”

He sucked in a breath, savoring the exquisite moment as he slid inside her tight wetness for the second time in little more than an hour. Jessica Morris was a lady of hidden depths.

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Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 5

Jessica has been on the island for over a week now. When she hears a sound coming from the east, she realizes that something strange is going on. 

Jessica walked outside. The intriguing sound was coming from the east of the island—an area that Kaine had forbidden her to visit. Yet another noise invaded her senses then, only this time it was one she was fully familiar with. As the irritating whine of an electric Club Car drew closer, she reasoned it was probably Mason Garner going about his business. What exactly did that man do? It was a still a mystery to her. 

As the electric buggy swept by on the coastal path some fifty yards away, she realized it was driven by Kaine, and such was her mounting affection for the man—was she falling in love with him?—she couldn’t stop herself from waving her arms in the air, and shouting, “Kaine, Kaine, I’m over here.”

He didn’t turn to look at her, instead resolutely continued on his journey. Kaine obviously hadn’t seen her, but she knew enough about geography to know he was heading for the east of the island.

There were more questions than answers. Why the sound of drums and the piercing shriek of the hunting horn? Why was everyone heading to the east of the island except her? She’d witnessed Mason Garner driving the Hollywood actor Ronan Balantyne amongst others in that direction only last week. But more importantly, why was Kaine heading in that direction right now? 

What the hell was going on over there? Perhaps it was time she found out for herself.

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Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 4

In this scene Jessica finally gets under Kaine's skin, making him think about who he is, and what he represents.

“Shhh.” He pressed a finger to her beautiful lips. “Enough. You liked what you saw at Horseshoe Cove.”

“I…” Although a teacher herself, she lowered her head and stared at the floor, resembling a naughty schoolgirl being told off by the principal. “I…I…just happened to be passing.”

He lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Then you should have averted your gaze when you saw me naked.” Kaine focused on her even more intently, enjoying her obvious discomfort. “But you didn’t. Did you?”

She coughed nervously in an attempt to compose herself. “Um…er…the sun was in my eyes. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t even know you were there.”

He leaned in and passionately kissed her lips. “Little liar,” he whispered. “The sun was behind you. You were in silhouette, and when you knew I’d caught you spying on me, you took off like a frightened rabbit.”

She raised her chin in defiance. “Didn’t. I was leaving anyway.”

He tut-tutted dismissively, mocking her pitiful attempt at an alibi. “Liar again, and you a laced-up English schoolteacher, too.” Only, Jessica wasn’t a dried-up spinster. The constant sexual heaving of her perfect breasts in that tiny red bikini proved that. She was a real flesh-and-blood woman, ripe for the taking.

She tried to push past him. “Let me go.”

Kaine held fast. The amount of force she used didn’t convince him she wanted to be anywhere other than where she was. “No way.”

Jessica pushed again, still with no real authority. “You’ll use me, and then discard me, probably like every other woman you’ve known. You’re ruthless. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. You buy people, Kaine. You own people, but you’re incapable of lo—”

“Enough.” Even though she had a point, her glib observations unsettled him. She was right. He couldn’t remember how many women he’d fucked and forgotten over the years. A few stood out in his memory, but many others were just a hazy blur. He ran a finger over her lips, enjoying the soft succulent fullness as they parted from the pressure. Jessica was clearly intuitive. He was a ruthless, selfish bastard, just like his father before him. His mother on the other hand was so full of love and emotion, she positively overflowed with it. It was a fucking shame the old man never allowed her to lavish it on her only son. Whenever his mother showed affection of any kind, Jacob Deville, the shipping magnate would bang his fist on the table and bellow, “Don’t smother the boy, Amelia. He’ll grow up weak.” When his father died in a car crash when Kaine was just fourteen, he didn’t cry once, didn’t even come close. His father would have been proud of his boy that day.

Rousing himself from his introspection, Kaine carefully studied the demeanor of the frightened rabbit caught in his trap. She trembled a little, something that appealed to his dominant nature. It was crazy. He’d only known her for three days, but there was something about Jessica that made her stand out from the crowd. Oh, yeah, there was something about this fiery, yet demure English girl that made her so very special. His cock was insistent and uncompromising. It wouldn’t be denied its rightful reward today.

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Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 3

Jessica has gone for a stroll on the island, and while sitting on top of a rocky outcrop she senses that Kaine Deville is not too far away.

She was right. Oh boy she was right. Within seconds Kaine emerged from the crystal clear waters, bursting through the foam with a physical energy that stunned her, his naked body

putting the marble sculpture of a Greek God to shame. She’d seen handsome men before, even dated them, but Kaine wasn’t handsome. That adjective would be selling him short. He was overwhelmingly gorgeous. The movement of his muscular frame as he charged up the beach creating a new set of footprints in the sand, made the blood surge through her veins. Feeling like a voyeur, but unable to help herself, she watched transfixed as the Caribbean Sea dripped from his hair, before running from his shoulders and down his powerful chest in glistening rivulets. The salty water ran lower still, coursing over his washboard stomach before reaching his…Oh my Lord.

His huge thick cock slapped against the inside of his thighs as he ran toward a towel lying on the sand. Dear God, just why had she

refused him that night? Her regret that she hadn’t yielded to him was becoming stronger with each passing day. Seeing him, as he was now, naked and totally magnificent, she wouldn’t make that mistake again.

Kaine’s every movement turned her on, making her pussy wet with need. When he bent over to pick up the towel, she saw his bum was as perfect as the rest of him. Two achingly tight buns that looked like they would never be defeated by gravity in a million years or more, flashed at her.

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Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 2

My latest BDSM romance, Kaine's Redemption is available from Bookstrand on pre-order HERE

This is Kaine Deville's impression of Jessica Morris on their first evening together.

In London, it was her incredible artistic talent that had first piqued his interest, but finding a rare creativity, exquisitely packaged in the form of a beautiful sexy woman, was an added bonus. Just the way she spoke turned him on. The words leaving her lips in a whispering Cornish lilt. He knew if he thought too much about what he wanted to do to her right now, he’d give himself another hard-on, just like the boner he’d had when he’d arrived at her villa unannounced. He’d seen her eyes flicker downward. She’d seen it all right, and enjoyed it, too. 

Jessica was petite. He liked that in a woman, and he figured she stood no more than five three, and tipped the scales at barely a hundred pounds. Jesus Christ, that hard-on was coming whether he wanted it or not, and he knew he could do some real damage if he were given half a chance to fuck her svelte little body. 

When they reached the terrace, he pulled out a chair for her. “Can I get you a drink?”

“May I have glass of red wine please.”

“You may. By the way, I love your English accent.”

She smiled and went all coy on him. He liked that in a woman, too, and he figured Jessica would make the perfect submissive. It was always the little things that did it for him where a woman was concerned. Small feminine gestures and tactile actions said far more about a lady, than the bigger, more obvious things ever could. The simple way she took the glass of wine from him, delicately curling her slender fingers around the stem, before tentatively sipping at it, was incredibly arousing. Yes, the little things. When she smiled, he loved the way her perfect button nose scrunched up slightly, showing off the light dusting of freckles to best effect.

It was dark now, and the last rays of the sun were finally surrendering to the night. Luckily there was a full moon, which lit up the ocean with its softly undulating silver light. Several citronella candles flickered around the terrace, casting their glow, and bringing a magical feel to the balmy tropical evening. 

Mesmerized by her sheer beauty, Kaine watched the ocean breeze feather through Jessica’s naturally curly hair, wishing he could reach out and touch the red, wayward tresses and let them fall through his fingers.

She sighed. “Isn’t nature marvelous? Just the sound of the waves lapping against the shore inspires me to put brush to canvas.”

He nodded, and topped up her glass, then did the same for himself. “If you capture the beauty of Deville’s Island as well as you capture the rugged Cornish coastline, I’ll be a lucky man.”

As though trying to avoid his gaze, she furtively glanced in his direction, and he knew she was worried about disappointing him. She needn’t be. Jessica possessed a rare talent, and soon the world would know all about it. When he stared into her soulful eyes, he saw a vulnerability that enchanted him, but behind that insecurity lay the steely determination of a woman who wanted more from her life.

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Guest Blogger: David Russell ~ Erotic Romance Author and Poet

My guest blogger today is David RussellDavid has been writing erotica since the mid-1980s. Published extensively in magazines and anthologies along with several books, poetry and prose, he also recorded and is the singer-songwriter of a vinyl album, Bricolage recorded by Billy Childish for Hangman Records 1992, CD albums Bacteria Shrapnel and The Burglars of Britain (1998)

Please tell us about the books you have published already?

My titles are: 'Self's Blossom', 'Explorations'; 'Further Explorations' and 'Therapy Rapture' ; pub Extasy

David's books with Exstasy can be found HERE

'My Dream of Madonna/An Ecstatic Rendezvous' (XoXo Publishing)

David's books can be found on Amazon HERE

Why do you write romance? 

I find it both soothing and invigorating in the face of today's stresses.

Do you write in other forms? 

Yes; I write poetry, speculative fiction and literary journalism (reviews and critical articles). Some of my other writing areas get very dense; romance helps me to keep my balance.

Guest Blogger: Taylor Brooks ~ Erotic Romance Author

Today, my guest blogger is erotic author, Taylor Brooks. She's just debuted with her first book for Siren-Publishing. I know we shall be hearing plenty more from this very talented writer in the not too distant future, because she has 4 other titles in the Sultry SoCal Series already lined up. You can see them all HERE

Hi, Jan, thank you for having me here today, I’m very excited to tell everyone about my new Sultry SoCal Series and welcome everyone to join me on the wonderful journey these men take with one another. There is heat, passion and a whole lot of sleepless nights. 

Also, don’t forget to enter the contest below for your chance to win 1 of 5 - $5 eGift Cards to or 1 of 3 eBook copies of Book 1 in the Sultry SoCal Series, Take Me. 

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, April 15th.

The Blurb:

Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA

Clint Rodham has spent years being a loyal employee to Elite Imports. Despite being one of their top salesmen, his boss no longer sees him as the golden boy. Now being ostracized for his sexuality, he fights to keep the job that he not only loves, but is a natural at.

Rick Tanner just moved to Southern California from Kansas. Being a homosexual personal trainer in a small town filled with old-fashioned people who didn’t understand his way of life left him with little career opportunities.

One hot summer night, Rick is locked on the rooftop and Clint comes to his rescue. As a thank-you, he offers his hero a cold beer. With the California heat rising and desires building, the two find themselves in a storm of passion. Neither of them are able to resist. Neither of them want to. They both want to take what is within their reach, just beyond their fingertips.

Kaine's Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 1

This is the first of a series of snippets from my upcoming release 

Kaine's Redemption

This is where the heroine, Jessica Morris first sees the island paradise of the enigmatic and elusive Kaine Deville...

Immediately wide-awake again, Jessica squinted, shielding her eyes from the sun with the palm of her hand. A speck of lush vegetation lay on the horizon, gradually filling her vision as the helicopter drew closer. They approached from the east, and she felt like a passenger on a roller-coaster ride as the chopper swept incredibly low over the rocky buttresses shielding the island from the all-powerful Atlantic Ocean. Regaining her composure, she marveled at the sheer picturesque beauty before her. Jared was obviously a professional, and he piloted the helicopter with immense skill, skimming low over banana plantations and fabulous tropical plants, which she’d never seen before. On the western side of the island, white sandy beaches joined the warm shallow waters of the much calmer Caribbean Sea. 

“Wow. The island is simply stunning, and larger than I’d imagined.”

The pilot smiled. “Yeah, it is kinda impressive. Three miles by two. Six square miles in total.”

As they hovered low over the helipad, Jessica spotted several pristine white villas dotted along the western shoreline, while a huge imposing house sat all alone on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by gently swaying palm trees. She guessed this was where Kaine Deville lived.

Jessica turned to Jared. “Oh, this is so beautiful. It must cost a fortune to holiday here.”

He smiled knowingly. “Deville’s Island is by invitation only, ma’am. Everyone who visits here is a personal guest of Mr. Deville.”

Coming to Siren 29th April 2013