Master and Inquisitor Tasty Teaser Day 10

Day 10: The Seduction goes on

Gentle butterfly kisses accompanied by his soft, sweet breath drifted up her belly, heightening her sense of arousal. His tongue swirled over her nipples still held tightly in the chromed clamps, causing intense, erotic pain to sear into her brain, making the age-old fight-or-flight response kick in. Beth could do neither, because it was almost impossible to move. All she could do was throw her head back as she tried unsuccessfully to get away from the wonderful excruciating intensity. 

She cried out in a garbled rush that verged on panic, “Please, Sir, I don’t think I can hold out much longer.” Her voice shook with emotion. She didn’t want to use her safeword. It went against everything she believed in, but it was there as the last resort, and at this precise moment in time, she felt sorely tempted to use it.

Ethan must have heard the heartfelt plea in her voice, because he smoothed a hand around her throat and stared down into her face. “Look at me.”

When she did as he commanded, she felt their connection, their union, deepen. His gorgeous green eyes burning with excitement and intense pleasure soaked up the obvious distress in hers. She’d given him exactly what he craved the most—her helplessness, her vulnerability, her absolute surrender. 

“Good girl, you’ve pleased me immensely. I’m going to remove the nipple clamps now, so be ready for some more pain.” He cocked his head to one side, clearly relishing her discomfort.

Knowing just how much it would hurt, Beth scrunched her eyes tightly shut, and whimpered. “Yes, Sir, but please hurry.”

More tasty teasers coming soon.....


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