Guest Blogger: Tonya Ramagos ~ Erotic Romance Author

Today we have Tonya Ramagos as my guest blogger. Tonya writes for Siren, Ellora's Cave, and she's also written for Total-E-Bound, and eXtasy Books, too. Tonya has over 30 books in her back catalog! Not so much a back catalog, but more a library! Tonya has supplied some links, so I've coloured them RED for your convenience. Now let's put some questions to my special guest.

Q. Where did you get the idea for, Dangerous Kisses?

A. A great majority of the setting of Dangerous Kisses takes place in a public aquarium. I love aquariums! I find a lot of enjoyment walking along the halls and exhibitions and peering into tanks full of marine life I will never likely see otherwise, especially since I can't swim. Yep, you read that right. This girl who was born and raised on the Coastal beach of Biloxi, MS never learned how to swim. The rest of the idea for Dangerous Kisses came from playing the "what if" game I love to play. What if the owner of a public aquarium was attacked by a shark in his own facility? What if it was later discovered that attack was provoked? What if a former employee of that aquarium who is now a homicide detective gets hold of the case? Oh, and what if that homicide detective has the super hots for the one suspect believed to have instigated the attack? There were a lot more "what ifs", of course, but those got the fingers typing.

Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in, Dangerous Kisses.

A. Megan Pontius comes from a family of marine biologists. While she shares their love for marine life, she chose her own career path and became a homicide detective. She worked for the M.P. Colton Aquarium owned by a life-long family friend, Paul Colton. She's a head-strong female that loves to live on the edge of danger, but there's one cliff she's been too hesitant to topple over. She hungers for a darker side of sex than she's ever experienced and she knows Drake Allen is the man who can show it to her. However, her desires for Drake and his dominate alpha nature have kept her running scared...until now.

Drake Allen is an aquarist at the M.P. Colton Aquarium. He sees Megan as a smart, vivacious, ambitious, and independent female with a sexual passion he longs to control. He's waited for the right moment to move in but, when that moment presents itself, he finds himself the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Now he not only needs Megan in his bed, he needs her to clear his name. The problem is she may not believe in his innocence.

A lunch date with fellow Siren author Jennifer Denys

On the very first day of September 2012, I travelled to Lincoln to meet with fellow Siren author Jennifer Denys.
Steep Hill, Lincoln © Copyright (Dave Hitchborne)
and licensed for reuse / CC BY-SA 2.0

As I walked up the long steep hill (yes, it is that steep!) to our meeting place just outside Lincoln Cathedral gates, I wondered how our lunch date would go. Would we get on? Would we even like each other?

I needn't have worried. We both felt at ease with each other, and found ourselves talking throughout the whole two and half hour lunch in the Magna Carta ~ A pub close to Lincoln Cathedral.

Like myself, Jennifer has done a lot of research, finding out what genre sells the best. I think the fact that we both write BDSM novels speaks volumes. Of course we're always on the look out for that elusive book that will thrust us into the limelight, big time. It happened to E L James with her Fifty Shades of Grey, so you never know. :-)

Jennifer Denys also writes for Evernight Publishing, and her latest book, Retraining the Sub has already reached bestselling status at ARE/ Evernight, and Amazon. I recently had the pleasure of reading Luke and Ann's story. It's a captivating BDSM book that re-unites long lost lovers, who at the time of their separation were not ready to marry. Now eight years later, they are totally different people, but before they can have their HEA, there's just the small matter of Retraining the Sub. It's available from Bookstrand HERE.

I love the cover for this book It really catches the eye and makes one want to read it!

Jennifer has recently celebrated her 1st anniversary since becoming a published author. All her books can be found HERE

I took my camera to Lincoln, but sadly the batteries refused to work! Luckily, Jennifer had a camera that functioned and she sent me a photograph of us both.

We both had a great time in Lincoln, and I'm sure we'll meet again. Jennifer lives in Yorkshire and I've heard York is a very lovely city, so watch this space.....

Guest Blogger: Nicole Morgan ~ Erotic Romance Author

Today we have guest blogger and fellow Siren author Nicole Morgan. She also writes for Silver Publishing, and has many, many Best Sellers. Nicole has provided some links which are all highlighted in RED for your convenience. Without further interruption, I'll now hand over to Nicole. By the way Nicole, I love your portrait.

Hello all! I’m Nicole Morgan and am so very happy to be a guest on Jan Bowles’s blog today! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a multi-published author of erotic romantic novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Picture erotic romance mixed with a good old-fashioned whodunit and you’ve got a Nicole Morgan story! While I’ve written everything from contemporary to paranormal my leading men will more often than not be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel (which turned into a 4 book series) about Navy SEALs to my more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting. In additional to my books, I also have a recurring column called, "Sex and the Single Woman" in BT Showcase's online eMagazine.

Welcome Nicole, can you tell us what your daily life consists of? 

It’s funny you should ask. Every day my fiancé asks me what I’ve got on my agenda and every day it’s the same answer. It has turned into a bit of a joke between us because my answer is always the same. Among the many tasks of everyday life I always set out to reply to all my emails, do my promotion work and spend the remainder of my day writing. Now, remember I say that is always “the plan” but, it doesn’t always work out that way. I swear some days I have no idea where the time goes. LOL.

Coming Soon to Siren

Coming soon to Siren

My latest release in the Guilty Pleasures series

Seduced By Her Texas Billionaire Boss

The Guilty Pleasures series features hot billionaires and their even hotter love lives!

Warning: Seduced by Her Texas Billionaire Boss contains, light BDSM, bondage, role play and a sexy hero to die for. Will Kyle Brannigan give Tess Morgan the happy ever after she desires, or will their relationship crash and burn?

Find out about the previous books in the series at my website HERE of at Bookstrand HERE

Guest Blogger: D'Ann Lindun ~ Western Romance Author

Today I have fellow Siren author D’Ann Lindun!  She's a very successful author with Crimson Romance and has just had her first book published with Siren.  Congratulations on your latest release, D'Ann. I've got so many questions to ask you.

Q. Where did you get the idea for, Vaquero?

A. Will you laugh if I tell you I don't remember?

Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in, Vaquero.

A. Cordero Ybarra just wants to make something of himself and live in peace when he becomes the target of racial prejudice. Aspen O'Hare has been abandoned by men all her life, starting with her father.

Q. What are you working on right now and what can we expect from you next? 

A. A story with no name about a young woman sheriff and the undercover FBI agent. Coming out next is Desert Heat, due on October 22.

Q. Where do you get the inspirations for your books? 

A. Everywhere! I can make a story out of anything and any one!

Q. Do you prefer stand-alone books or series (As a reader or a writer) ? 

A. I have always written stand-alone. The new story will be a series of three, maybe four.

Q. If you could change places with one character from your book, who would it be and why? 

A. Hmmmm...that's tough. I think maybe Jacy Gray, a character from an old ms. She was a rancher and so strong and tough.

Guest Blogger: Berengaria Brown ~ Erotic Romance Author

Today I have fellow Siren author Berengaria Brown visiting my blog. Berengaria has written over 50 books, and also writes for Ellora's Cave, Torquere Press, Evernight Publishing, Breathless Press, Whiskey Creek Press, and Silver Publishing. Wow, Berengaria, that is some list. I'm seriously impressed. Just how do you find the time? Now let's hear what Berengaria has to say on her latest series.

Q. What inspired you to write the “Wet and Willing” series?

A. For some years I’ve enjoyed swimming at a local, large Aquatic Center. One day as I was swimming up and down in my lane (the slow lane, sadly, not the fast lane, or even the medium lane), I started thinking that an Aquatic Center would be a mighty fine place to meet Mr. Right. After all, there’s plenty of brawny, naked chests, quite a lot of young, good-looking, ultra-fit life guards, and lots of sweaty, delicious muscles in the gym. The only surprising part of my decision was that I hadn’t thought of doing it long ago.

Q. Which element of story creation is your favorite and why?

A. When the ideas flow, the characters are talking to me, and I can’t type fast enough for all I want to say.

Q. What is your writing process?

A. I don’t begin writing until the characters are clear in my head and I know what they want. I need a beginning and an end, and some midpoints to reach on the way through. Then I begin typing.