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Masters of Submission 2

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Dressed as Genghis Khan, Hunter Black scanned the large room. The New Year masquerade party was going down a blast. Club Submission was packed to overflowing with party revelers. They all wore fancy dress costumes, most of which revealed plenty of flesh, leaving very little to the imagination. He smiled knowingly, but then what did he expect.

Submission was a BDSM club, and just about anything and everything went down here. Yeah, every sexual fantasy a man or woman desired could be enjoyed right here at Club Submission. As a Dom, he felt right at home.

Quite early on in life he’d discovered his predisposition for the D/s lifestyle. He needed the buzz of a woman’s submission as much as the air that he breathed.

The clock struck twelve, and a huge cheer went up. “Happy New Year, everyone,” shouted the tall well-built guy fondling his sub’s naked breast.

As the club erupted into a slightly out-of-tune rendition of “Auld Lang Syne,” he moved across to the bar and pulled out a stool. “Hey, Todd, give me a bourbon will you. A large one to see the New Year in, and have one yourself, buddy.”

“Thanks, Hunter.” Todd filled two shot glasses, and slid one across the bar. “So where’s Trudy?”
Hunter raised the glass. “Me and Trudy split.”

“That’s too bad. I thought you two were getting serious?”

Hunter lazily swirled the golden liquor around his glass. Settling down was the last thing on his mind. He’d seen too much destruction in the world. “Nah, you know me, Todd. I’m not a settling-down type of guy.”

“That’s what Zane said. Now look at him.”

New Contract with Siren

Hi, everyone, just to keep you informed. I have a new contract with Siren. They have just accepted my latest submission called Taming the Boss Lady. This is part of the Masters of Submission series, and focuses on Matthew Strong one of the owners of the club.

The blurb:

Twenty-nine year old Kelly McCloud is not the average submissive. CEO of a large corporate company, she demands and gets respect wherever she goes. Surrounded by weak yes men, Kelly yearns for the touch of a dominant man—someone who can relieve the pressure in her hectic life. 
Natural Dom and Club Submission owner, Matthew Strong is instantly drawn to the sexy, self-assured woman. Just who is this opinionated, outspoken lady who frequents his club night after night? When she turns down all the other Masters, he decides to take control.
At thirty-five Matthew has the experience to handle any woman, however important she may believe herself to be. With a little careful training, he can mold Kelly into the perfect sub, but when enemies from within surface unexpectedly, his well laid plans may just have to be put on hold. 
Has Matthew finally met his match taming the boss lady?

A wonderful review for Master of Submission

I received a wonderful review for Master of Submission from Literary Nymphs.

Amazon Nymph gave Master of Submission a Golden Blush Award.

Here's a shortened version of Amazon's review.

The first book in the Masters of Submission series, Master of Submission, is a wonderful introduction to BDSM that has a mystery as a subplot.  The author did a good job showing Emma's emotional journey into the BDSM lifestyle.  I felt that they were very realistic and the author also shows how some negotiations can go.  The author also showcases how some authority figures can show subtle prejudices about BDSM. 

Zane and Emma burn up the pages as the chemistry between them is intense.  I liked that Emma did not just jump at the offer that Zane made and that she is very independent.   The secondary characters were interesting as well and I am looking forward to the brothers' stories in the future. 

This is a book I recommend for every BDSM lover’s bookshelf.  This author will give a few of my favorite BDSM authors a run for their money and Ms. Bowles will be added to my must-read list.

You can read the full review HERE