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Guilty Pleasures 3

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Chapter One

Colt Donahue eased the SUV from his private estate and onto the trunk road. Today he was in a particularly good frame of mind. He’d just taken a call from some potential clients. If they joined, that would make twenty extra this month alone. Business was looking up. Now, at the age of thirty-seven, he finally felt like he was getting somewhere. He’d tapped into a market that had the potential to make him a very wealthy man. That’s if the people of Fairfax didn’t raise any more objections. The smile on his face faded. He felt pretty sure they’d find something to complain about. They always did.

Up ahead, Colt could see a Jaguar career around the bend. The driver had little or no regard for anyone else on the road. 

“That’s right, prick, take my half of the road, too.” 

Well, he wasn’t going to move, that’s for sure. He had right of way. The sleek silver car kept coming, a huge cloud of dust in its wake. 

“What the fuck?” He only just managed to avoid a collision by turning his SUV into the ditch. His car came to an abrupt halt. “Goddamn it, Jesus.” 

He looked into his rearview mirror, anger surging through him. A woman wearing dark glasses and long black hair disappeared from sight. He shook his head in disbelief. Some rich bitch had just driven him off the road. Well, there was no way he’d let her get away with it. He turned his car around in pursuit, sounding his horn as he came up behind her. It had no effect. She didn’t stop or even slow down. Her stereo was on full blast, and her head swayed to the beat of the music as she made her way along the High Street. His anger grew by the minute, and he slammed his fist down hard on the horn several times. Still no effect. Just wait until she stopped her car. He’d have plenty to say to her. Several people came out of the shops to see what all the commotion was about.

When she pulled into a side street and parked outside a cat sanctuary, he jerked on his handbrake and stormed from the car.

New Contract from Siren

Just an update ~ Siren has accepted my latest manuscript. It is a fourth installment of my Guilty Pleasures series and is entitled...........


Should be published November/December ~ I'll keep you informed.

Manuscript for new Guilty Pleasures series sent in to Siren

Just subbed another manuscript off to Siren for my Guilty pleasures series.

This ones a longer story...I just had to keep writing :-)

 Fingers crossed